Play Billiards Like A Pro

Do you like billiards? Want to play this game like a pro? The following tips and tricks will certainly help you adopt the right gestures to perfect your billiards.

The Right Position

The best position for playing pool is to place your foot on the same side as your supporting hand in front of it. Then your other foot should be about two feet from the front one. Don’t be far from the table, this will give you more control over your shots. The pool cue should be under your chin when you hit the ball.

The Position Of Your Hand

You should hold the thick end of the tail in your right hand if you are right-handed, in the left if you are left-handed. It should be in your best hand with the palm facing up. Then make a circle with your thumb and forefinger (with your other hand). Place your tail in the hollow of this circle and rest it on the top of your middle finger. Then spread your little finger, your middle finger and your ring finger to create a support for the tail.

Hit The Ball

Before hitting the ball, take the bruise and apply it to the head of the tail before each stroke. Then hold the cue parallel to the pool table, this will give you maximum control over your shot. To hit the ball, you need to gradually accelerate for more momentum. After hitting the ball, stay tilted to be able to analyze the trajectory of your shot.

Do More Exercises

To play billiards like a pro, it is necessary that you practice with your non-dominant hand because there will be balls whose shooting angle will not be accessible by your dominant hand. To do this, try doing everyday things with your non-dominant hand, such as writing for example, or writing a text message.

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